Carpet Installation NYC

Your Perfect Floor Solution

Wall to wall carpet is a popular choice for offices around the city, for their coziness and peaceful quiet they grace the office with. It also offers adds much needed warmth in the cold winter. A good pattern can even show style and give character to an office, when done right.

Since we know our commercial clients are busy, we offer a complete wall to wall carpet installation package that helps you decide what you want and need and get it that exact way.

Helping You Find What You Need

First, our consultant will guide you through the options and match them to your office specifications: traffic, size, colors and other defining factors.

We have a large selection of patterns, colors, material and more.

Then we choose an installation method according to budget and facilities circumstances.

Our two most used methods are ‘the stretch’ which comes with carpet padding, to provide for better noise absorption and food comfort, and ‘the glue down’ method, the less expensive, which has better buckling prevention and can handle heavy traffic.

together we build a perfect offer for your office needs and style, and help you get as much value as possible.

Up to the Job - and Guarantee It

Our expert technicians has been in the field for many years and have done countless jobs, with great precision and attention to details, after helping the client to find his perfect floor.

If you are unhappy with the installation, we offer a 30 days 100% guarantee on all of our carpet installation work in NYC.

We also offer ScotchGuard, for top quality spots and stain prevention.

Talk to us about wall to wall carpet installation in New York City.

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