Cubicle Cleaning NYC

Dirty Cubicle - Less Efficient Work Environment

The cubicle is the worker home in the office. Its where he organises, work, sometimes eat. Its important to keep it clean for professional appearance purposes, as well as helping the worker stay organized and efficient. Evan feel cared for.

Additionally, the cubicle fabric and panels collect dirt and dust, allergens and sometimes bacteria - beyond marks and general stains. That might pose a health risk you need and can avoid, easily.

That’s where we come in. Our NYC professional cubicle cleaning services includes a comprehensive cleaning of each cubicle, from top to bottom.

We use 100% organic non toxic cleaning products and methods, which let us provide our commercial clients with effective cleaning, and leave no harmful chemicals behind.

Our process is one we employee at all of our commercial jobs with great success and satisfaction:

  1. Preparation: we organize the area for cleaning by removing objects and abstractions. 
  2. Dried dirt removal: we vacuum and brush. making sure most of the dry dirt is removed before using any water.
  3. Preconditioning solution: during this stage, we spray the cubicle with a preconditioning solution, in order to soften soil so we can release more dirt.
  4. Remove soil: removing all dirt and dust buried deep in the fiber and fabric. 
  5. Drying: We complete the cleaning process by drying the cubicle. 

At the end of the process all cubicle looks clean and tidy, and the workers feel like they are being cared for.

This process can take place once or twice a year for continuing maintenance, and maintaining a general professional look and feel to your place of business.

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