Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Keep a Professional Look & Happy Employees

A dirty sofa in your waiting room is a big deterrent for potential customers. People tend to associate cleanliness with order, good organization and quality, and no business want to be on the wrong side of that equation.

A dirty and rough chair is not a good thing to pair with your employee who has to sit in it all day long, and make it a home for him at all work hours.

In both cases, you want and need a good, reliable cleaning service that can transform your furniture and upholstery and make them look, smell, and professional again.

100% Organic - With Great Results

Our expert technicians, using a unique deep cleaning methods, and a 100% organic cleaning products, are able to get deep into the fiber and refresh the upholstery visibly and from within.

Each upholstery item gets its own cleaning solution, according to its fabric, state and other crucial factors.

Our is to both clean your upholstery and keep it’s value for many years to come - that’s why we have a tailor made cleaning process for various types of upholstery and furniture.

We offer a free cleaning test on all upholstery, using our solution on a small patch, to show you how great the change can be.

This way you only pay after seeing actual results - and before paying anything.

Talk to us today about cleaning your upholstery in NYC.

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